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Poetry by Paul F. Lenzi

Poesy plus Polemics

drug_abuse_painting “Drug Abuse” by Angu Walters

capsules of sanity
tablets of bravery
consciousness addled
by painkilling chemistry
left in the half-light
of utter dependence
a life inauthentic
one cadre of shadows
exchanged for another
will time tell the tale
whether treatments
prove better or worse
than afflictions

the trinity essence
of human identity
heart mind and soul
find connection
by delicate meshed
metaphysical membrane
connections indifferently
severed by dull
pharmaceutical knives
in the quelling of
pain and depression
collateral damage
the self can’t survive

in the effort
to overcome suffering
physic and psychic
rebalanced arranging
a new personality
lost of original tendencies
sapped of vitality
trapped in a fugue
of unrealized addiction
content to continue
the journey unwary
the path has been altered
away from one’s dreams

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