OPEN SUBMISSION: The Sirens Call – Issue 24: Lost Souls – #horror eZine; Short #Stories, Flash #Fiction, #Poetry @sotet_angyal

The Road to Nowhere...

Sirens Call Publications is pleased to announce it’s next call for our bi-monthly #FREE eZine – The Sirens Call.

For this issue of The Sirens Call, we’re looking for stories of ‘Lost Souls’.

The ‘other side’ can be a terrifying place for souls who have passed, an unimaginable place where all sorts of horrors occur. Are these lost souls stuck in Purgatory, forever running from whatever may be trapped there with them? Do they cling to our plane of existence desperately trying to communicate, or malevolently causing harm? Perhaps your story doesn’t speak of the after, but tells of death itself and the soul’s encounter with a Reaper.

Tell your tale from any perspective you’d like – just make sure it features a lost soul and some bite. Remember, this is a horror eZine you’re writing for.

Previously published pieces are most welcome.


Submission Deadline: December 5…

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