Guest Post: Julianne Snow #SummerofZombie

Dying Days

Zombies: Why I Dig the Undead!

Julianne Snow


Many people don’t care for Zombies and I can understand that opinion in some cases. Many think that the genre has been overdone. However, there has been such an evolution in the genre lately that there are some definite new and fresh (forgive the pun!) perspectives that breathe new life into the Undead.

Let me go back to my first experience with the Undead. I was six years old and that takes us all the way back to [date redacted to protect the innocent]. I turned on our family television to find something to watch; it was one of those days that I was at home from school with a cold. I probably should have been in bed resting but sometimes vegging out in front of the television is highly warranted. What I found on the screen held my attention rapt for…

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