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Love to Women in Horror

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Reflecting over my first TRUE month of Women in Horror, I decided I wanted to give some shout outs to some of the ladies I respect, admire, and genuinely like in the horror world. I can promise you that each and every one of these fine ladies have touched me in some way. Whether it’s personally being there for me as a friend, someone I shared a laugh with, someone pushing the genre forward by their own hands, someone who wrote a great poem, or a story that grabbed my heart and sucked all the juice it could from it before allowing me to breathe again. Most of these women have done several things on this list. But without dragging on this monologue any more than it already is going to be, let’s get started.

First is Lori R. Lopez. A musician, actress, filmmaker, and phenomenal writer (I love…

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A Foul Day

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It moved! I swear on my mother’s grave I saw it move! Glancing up, I scan the faces surrounding the table trying to determine if anyone else saw the jerking motion. No one seems to have noticed; they’re all laughing and drinking, chattering away happily while waiting to be fed.

I blink a few times to clear my eyes. I’ve been working too hard lately, putting in too many hours, that’s all. I raise the carving knife and fork once more, preparing to plunge them into the bird trussed before me. It fucking moves again! This time with an accompanying slopping sound. A bead of sweat breaks out on my upper lip; my wife is staring at me hesitantly. With both hands now resting on either side of the beast, I take a few slow, deep breaths to calm my overwrought nerves. A slight nudge comes from my right…

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