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The Road to Nowhere...

My Writing Process

JosephAPinto_HeadShot_LargeI was nominated for the ‘My Writing Process Blog Tour’ by Joseph Pinto. First, thank you Joe for nominating me and offering the world a peek into the damaged organ I call a brain. Joe is a wonderful writer that is a partner in the writing group I belong to, Pen of the Damned, as well as an extremely talented and sundried writer in his own right. I’ve been working with Joe for the better part of two years now, and I’ve yet to see him try to tackle a voice or topic that he couldn’t adapt to and crush! His primary writing passion is horror, and he cranks out some wickedly awesome pieces that I have to say make me grin from ear to ear with joy! I love great horror, and even more so, I love great horror that is off…

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