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THE COVEN BLOG TOUR: Guest Post by Angie Gallow!

The Sirens Song

Angie Gallow is currently touring the internet in support of her vampiric horror debut novel, The Coven. But what is it that sets The Coven apart from other vampire novels? We thought that question was best answered by Angie herself, but before we get to her answer, let’s learn a little more about her…

The author known as Angie Gallow enjoys all things weird and creepy. A great lover of books and words, words, words as Hamlet would so eloquently put it. Even though this is the first novel published, the author has been writing for years, honing her craft through the fine professors at Columbia College in Chicago.

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So without further ado…

What Sets The Coven Apart From The Rest?

Angie Gallow

For one thing, I have to come clean: I’m not Anne Rice and I don’t think I’ll make my living adding to a…

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Three FREE Downloads from Phrenic Press!

Phrenic Press has three stories available for
FREE download this weekend!

Snapshots of Hell
Greg McWhorterSOH_cover_red5

John Evers had been propelled to fame through his legendary photographic exhibits in the posh galleries of New York City.

Moving himself and his wife to England for professional reasons, John now finds his personal success fleeting. In order to recapture his fame, he takes a gamble on a single lot being auctioned off rather dubiously. As fortune would have it, John is lucky enough to gain possession of the lot he is seeking: LOT 466-8 CAMERA AND UNDEVELOPED FILM FROM THE ESTATE OF ALEISTER CROWLEY.

John can’t believe his luck at acquiring undeveloped rolls of film once belonging to Aleister Crowley, one of England’s most famed Satanists. Believing this good fortune to be his salvation, John unknowingly releases an evil from beyond the grave that will not rest until it ravages both his mind and his body.

Will John and his wife discover a way out of their personal torment before it’s too late? Or will their life become another collection of ‘Snapshots of Hell’?

FREE on Amazon until the 15th!

The Dead of Penderghast ManorTheDeadOfPenderghastManor_JulianneSnow_FinalCover
Julianne Snow

What would you do if you knew the Dead could talk?

For Chester Penderghast, it’s not the easiest of questions to answer…

Ensconced in the basement of his family’s mortuary business is the last place he wants to be, but when the conversation starts flowing, Chester’s the only living person who can hear it. What do the Dead want, and why is he the only one who can hear them?

This is not your average zombie tale—the Dead don’t want to eat your brains, but they will chew your ear off!

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Not Another Messiah
Aspen deLaineyNotAnotherMessiah_AspendeLainey_cover

All men are created equal, or so it is said…

In a Mental Asylum that has earned infamy for its successful governing of patients suffering from a Messiah Complex, what happens when a ward of twenty-one prophets is introduced to a twenty-second? How do prophets worship what they believe to be a Messiah in their midst? Do they treat him with distance, trepidation, reverence, or perhaps adoration? Or do the men who speak directly to their own gods want more than a life of confinement as a reward for their blessing?

Is it not also said, “He who eats my flesh and drinks my blood lives in me, and I in him.”

FREE on Amazon until the 15th!


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